Art Advisory and Private Sales


On the occasion of inheritance, separations or the restructuring of collections, the need to dispose of art works may arise. Furthermore, there is a growing need for guidance in the choice of art works to be acquired when the objective is the diversification of property.

With Open Care, buying and selling are transparent and controllable operations.

Its modus operandi differentiates it from that of private dealers or auction houses because it provides for an analysis of the opportunities offered by the various operators in the Italian and international markets, guaranteeing a neutrality of choice in the exclusive interest of the client. The company has no exclusivity agreements with any operators but only consolidated professional relationships with those with an established reputation. The Art Consulting department develops an overall art collection management plan , advising on the maintenance or disposal of works on the basis of need and market trends, eventually even brokering a deal through a private sale.

Open Care manages all types of art works and collectibles: jewellery, silver, applied and decorative art objects, sculptures, antique and modern art paintings, contemporary art works, and carpets.



Following a site inspection by an expert (specialising in specific fields), Open Care will draw up a historic-artistic report complete with estimates which is then sent to the various qualified operators, with the aim of gathering concrete acquisition proposals or public bids that are put together ad hoc and respond to the owners’ requirements.

The comparison of the proposals and consequent choice of the best solution, imply consideration of a number of variables amongst which are: disinvestment timescales, probabilities of success, the commission expected for the operation, security conditions and other possible costs.

Once the best option has been selected, Open Care will accompany the property during all the phases, from drawing up shipping contracts to the timeliness of payment.

The client can check all stages of the process, receiving regular information and transparent estimates.


For those who, on the other hand, want to buy art works or objects, Open Care will identify the various kinds of works, highlighting their artistic, decorative and economic value and requesting proposals from the operators in the sector for finding the most suitable works or objects. In this case, the work is transversal and involves all aspects of the operation: from an analysis of objectives to consultancy on market trends, the choice of works, their custody, shipping and set up.

Where necessary, Open Care also manages the divestment of works from a collection when they are no longer appreciated or functional in relation to the collection’s identity, with the aim of freeing up resources for the acquisition of other art works and objects.

It guarantees a valuation of the insurance, legal and fiscal characteristics and those of a logistical nature such as conservation, restoration, shipping and customs assistance.