Carpets, tapestries and antique fabrics


The laboratory is able to ensure the maintenance, cleaning and restoration of valuable carpets as well as providing a service of conservation of the works within a acclimatised area of 800 m2 . After a series of careful tests, an expert identifies the ideal cleaning method : aspiration, brushing and washing in water (by hand, softener or disinfectant). Where necessary, this progresses to a conservation and restoration intervention on the carpet using techniques that are analogous to the original and threads chosen by colour, shape and form (specifically dyed if requested).

Tapestries and antique fabrics

The laboratory manages the recovery of tapestries and upholstery in historic houses. It has two areas available for the consolidation and washing of fabrics, completely acclimatised, filtered and equipped with tanks for works up to 45 m2, an area for the preparation and dying of threads and a system for the electric ostention of tapestries. Once the state of conservation has been scientifically investigated, dust is removed from the fabric in the laboratory to then proceed to washing with special non ionic surfactants, to consolidation and eventual integrations. Finally, an exhibition method to guarantee the optimal conservation of the fabric is proposed.