Wood furnishing and antique instruments


Wood Furnishings

The laboratory manages the restoration of ebony, lacquered and gold furnishings from various eras, using techniques and materials deriving from both artisan traditions and modern technologies such as, for example, a room for the pest removal of wood boring insects. Restoration is achieved on the basis of documentary research and scientific analysis. The intervention phases of the restoration are studied in relation to the destination of the furniture, whether museum or domestic, and may consist in structural consolidation, in the reconstruction of fret work or inlays, in the cleaning of surfaces and polishing.


Antique Scientific Instruments

The laboratory has the ability to recover, restore and valorise antique scientific instruments such as: astronomy, physics, nautical, meteorological, mineralogy, seismic and geodetic instruments; medical and optics instruments; clocks, earth and sky globes. It has various acclimatised, soundproof and filtered areas: after the dismantling and verification of movements (with careful photographic documentation) the laboratory will rectify, integrate and reconstruct, according to need, to then proceed to eventual polishing, darkening, silverwork, working in cast iron, carpentry and forge work through to the complete recovery of the item.