Open Care Art Advisory


Open Care Art Advisory offers accredited and independent consultancy for the management and valorization of artistic assets and collections. Growing out of the many decades of experience matured by the specialist company Vasaris and Open Care’s Art Consulting department, this new company makes use of the experts who create valuations based on international standards (RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors),  for works of art, antiques and collection assets for insurance, patrimonial (inheritance and inheritance division) and financial reporting purposes.


Open Care Art Advisory:

  • •   Guarantees due diligence in relation to the works through the verification of dating, provenance, attributions and authentications.
  • •   Creates inventories and scientific reports on assets from the most diverse categories of art collecting.
  • •   Offers independent and qualified assistance for both sale and acquisition through auctions or private negotiations in Italy and abroad.
  • •   Develops projects for the valorization of collections and archives in collaboration with public and private organizations.


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