Open Care - Servizi per l'Arte operates in the following sectors:


Open Care Art Advisory

Founded in 2019 from the integration of the specialized company Vasaris and the Open Care Art Consulting department, Open Care Art Advisory offers independent and accredited consultancy for the management and valorisation of the artistic and collectible heritage. According to international standards (RICS), the company's experts evaluate works of art, antiques and collectors' goods for insurance, patrimonial (division, succession) and financial statement purposes. They ensure the due diligence of the works, by verifying the dates, origins, attributions and authentications; and prepare scientific inventories and cataloging of the assets of the most diverse collection categories. They offer independent and qualified assistance for sale and purchase through auction or private negotiation in Italy and abroad. They develop projects to valorise collections and archives in collaboration with public and private institutions.


Conservation and Restoration

The Conservation and Restoration Department includes five laboratories specialised in ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, in the restoration of paintings, frescoes, antique, modern and contemporary works of art, wood decorations, tapestries, antique textiles and carpets and antique scientific instruments supported by a diagnostic laboratory. The Department also works alongside the government bodies responsible for cultural and artistic heritage to ensure their protection. The method follows an established procedure which includes: scientific investigations, realisation of a dedicated project and
a final report that describes the interventions performed, supported by photographic documentation and suggestions for the conservation of the artworks.
Among the activities of the Conservation and Restoration Department:
Non-invasive and micro-invasive scientific analyses
Conservative and integrative restoration
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
Laser cleaning
Condition and restoration reports
Displaying and lighting projects
Thanks to the collaboration with Factum Foundation, a Lucida 3D scanner is available at the laboratories,
providing high resolution digitalisation of artworks’ surfaces using an innovative and non-invasive


Logistics and Vaults

With over 8,000 m2, Open Care’s vaults are amongst the most extensive and equipped areas in Europe for the conservation of artistic assets, documents and valuables.

Equipped with internal parking and viewing rooms, the vaults have specific deposits for the various types of assets.

The Logistics Department manages all the phases relating to the transportation of individual works or whole art collections in Italy and abroad.