Open Care has its headquarters in Milan, in via Piranesi, in the historic industrial complex of the Frigoriferi Milanesi (1899) that includes the Palazzo del Ghiaccio (1923) a splendid Liberty style building.. Created as refrigeration warehouses with equipment for producing ice, the Frigoriferi Milanesi preserved the food products of the Milanese up until the advent of household white goods and was then transformed into warehouses for the deposit of precious objects and fur coats, a historic activity subsequently merged into Open Care’s Servizio Preziosi [Precious Goods Service].

Over the past few years, the buildings have undergone radical restructuring works which have upgraded them, recovering and enriching the spaces and their functionality and characterised by innovative design.

Today, the Frigoriferi Milanesi, as well as Open Care - Servizi per l'Arte and other artistic organisations and foundations, contain professional offices as well as being the location of organisations and associations working in the cultural and training environment.

It is also the location of other companies belonging to the Bastogi Spa group.