il giardino del paradiso

Edited by: Emanuela Nava and Patrizia La Porta
Published by: Carthusia
Year: 2014
Planning and coordination: Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte
Scientific supervision: Annalisa Zanni and Federica Manoli, Museo Poldi Pezzoli
Reports: Open Care - Servizi per l’Arte
Editorial project concept: Carthusia Edizioni
Editorial direction: Patrizia Zerbi
Editorial coordination: Silvia Marelli
Art Director: Elisa Galli
Narrative: Emanuela Nava
Illustrations: Patrizia La Porta


Open Care’s Laboratory for the Restoration of Fabrics managed for the Museo Poldi Pezzoli in Milan – and supported in part with technical sponsorship – the long and complex restoration of the precious, 16th century Persian carpet belonging to the Museum’s collection and known as the carpet “of the tigers”. During the exhibition “Il Giardino del Paradiso” held at the Museo Poldi Pezzoli from 23 May to 1 September 2014, Open Care also collaborated with the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte in the publication of the book for children and teenagers “Il giardino del paradiso”, Carthusia Edizioni, illustrated by Patrizia La Porta with narrative by Emanuela Nava, which was presented during an evening event at the Casa Museo in Via Manzoni in which the author told the fable about the carpet to families and their young children.  With the support of the television production company Magnolia, Open Care also made a video about the restoration of the carpet which could be viewed as part of the exhibition journey.