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The new company offers highly qualified consultancy in the field of art collection management: experts in artistic consultancy, conservation and management of works of art of all types and periods collaborate in close synergy supported by a structure equipped with the most modern technologies, answering all needs with integrated solutions and tailor-made services.


Lorenzo Bruschi MRICS
Director - Italy

Born in Milan in 1967, Lorenzo Bruschi graduated in Architecture from Milan University. After gaining extensive experience dealing in antiques, he worked as an art expert for a major insurance company and auction house. He holds a qualification from the CCIAA of Milan and is also a consultant to the Milan law courts. He also acts as a general appraiser for leading art insurance companies.


Roeland Kollewijn MRICS
Old Masters Expert

Roeland Kollewijn was born in Arnhem, The Netherlands in 1956 and graduated in Art History from Nijmegen. He has written numerous publications on the subject. He has worked with international museums and galleries and managed the Old Master Paintings departments of leading auction houses for more than 10 years. He is an appointed expert for Old Master Paintings for the Chamber of Commerce of Munich - upper Bavaria (I.H.K.), and the CCIAAs of Milan and Varese. He is also a consultant to the Milan law courts.


Edoardo Gnemmi
Modern and Contemporary Art Expert

Milan, 1975, with a law degree. While not yet eighteen, he worked in and subsequently managed some of the most successful galleries and foundations in Italy (in 2000, he organized the first solo exhibition of Jeff Koons in an Italian gallery). He has worked on important publications and monographs. Since 2006, he has been an advisor and independent consultant for some of the most important collectors in Italy, but also for artists such as Roberto Cuoghi, since 2016, and, since 2014, has been the director of the Fondazione Fausto Melotti.