The company


Open Care is the only company in Italy offering integrated services for the conservation, management and valorisation of art works and collections. It has vaults, exhibition spaces and workshops for the restoration of artworks of any kind, technique and period and has a network of consultants with the specific expertise for the valuation of collectibles and assistance in purchases and sales of artworks and collections.

Within the context of Open Care art collectors and operators in the art system can find the spaces for and assistance with the exhibiting of art works and collections and for the promotion of projects and events aimed at their valorisation.


Open Care promotes FM Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea, a new centre which brings together in a single context all the subjects and functions relating to the valorization of art. The centre includes: an exhibition area; a temporary space for contemporary art galleries; a series of artists' estates; a program of residences for artists and curators.

In 2019, Open Care Art Advisory is founded from the integration between the specialized company Vasaris and the Open Care Art Consulting department. The new company offers independent and accredited consultancy for the management and enhancement of the artistic and collecting heritage. 


Open Care is controlled by Bastogi Spa, founded in 1862 and the oldest Italian company that is still active and listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.