Ambiti di intervento

  • Scientific analysis
  • Preventive conservation
  • Ordinary maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Conservative and integrative restoration
  • Verification of the state of conservation, drafting of condition reports, consultancy for change of ownership
  • Exhibition and / or storage consultancy
  • Exhibition set-up
  • Artworks and installations set-up 
  • Technical assistance to artists
  • Disaster recovery assistance
  • Education

Tapestries, textiles and leather


The workshop deals with the recovery of tapestries and textiles from every era. It is equipped with a white room and a chemical laboratory that are perfectly disposed for the preparation and dyeing of the intervention materials. The workshop is also equipped with a system of electric ostension for large formats (tapestries and wall hangings).


The assets subject to conservation and restoration are:

  • •   Tapestries
  • •   Wall hangings
  • •   Antique fabrics
  • •   Textile coverings of furniture and decorative elements
  • •   Antique clothes, costumes and accessories
  • •   Theatre costumes
  • •   Contemporary fashion and historic tailoring collections
  • •   Ethno-anthropological works with feathers and organic material

Tapestry restoration is calibrated in accordance with the conservation requirements of the fabric and the requests of the Ownership. The initial – and most delicate – phase is washing that requires the collection of a micro-sample of threads for each, individual color for the purposes of verifying their stability in water. Washing takes place by sponging entirely by hand inside a metal tank that permits the immersion of textiles up to 45 square meters in size.

The workshop is not only concerned with the restoration of textiles but also with the creation of exhibition systems and storage: the mounting of antique fabrics on panels, the maintenance and storage of entire fashion collections, the set-up in exhibition spaces of clothes and costumes.

The work takes place on construction sites, in laboratories and workshops and in situ and tutoring services are also available both for individual assets and entire collections carried out in the locations where they are kept (Museums, Palaces and historic houses).


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