Ambiti di intervento

  • Scientific analysis
  • Preventive conservation
  • Ordinary maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Conservative and integrative restoration
  • Verification of the state of conservation, drafting of condition reports, consultancy for change of ownership
  • Exhibition and / or storage consultancy
  • Exhibition set-up
  • Artworks and installations set-up 
  • Technical assistance to artists
  • Disaster recovery assistance
  • Education

Paintings on canvas and board


The area hosting the laboratory is climatized in accordance with the parameters established by the Italian Ministry for Arts and Culture and is equipped with the most advanced and sophisticated technological instruments. It contains a white room and a chemical laboratory that are perfectly disposed for the preparation of the intervention materials.

The conservation journey begins with a series of diagnostic observations to understand the reasons behind the deterioration of the works and, subsequently, to identify the appropriate intervention methodology. The materials to be used are chosen after a series of laboratory tests. The operational phase is constantly monitored in order to verify is efficacy and, on completion of the work, a report is drawn up, complete with images, on the activities undertaken.

Particular attention is paid to the works’ support material which can be of varying nature with respect to canvases and boards: paper, copper, glass, ceramics, parchment.

The boards, which have often deteriorated, are repaired, any invasive parquetry is removed and particular support systems equipped with conical spiral springs are applied in order to allow for slight movements of the wood.

With regard to canvases, we specialize in the invisible resewing of cuts and lacerations.

The cleansing and purifying of painting surfaces use the very latest methods which are particularly delicate and respectful of the original materials.


Activities take place on construction sites, in laboratories and workshops and in situ. Over and above the restoration activities, we also offer the preparation of condition reports and tutoring activities both for individual works and entire collections.


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