Ambiti di intervento

  • Scientific analysis
  • Preventive conservation
  • Ordinary maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Conservative and integrative restoration
  • Verification of the state of conservation, drafting of condition reports, consultancy for change of ownership
  • Exhibition and / or storage consultancy
  • Exhibition set-up
  • Artworks and installations set-up 
  • Technical assistance to artists
  • Disaster recovery assistance
  • Education

Wood furnishings and modern antiques


The workshop is dedicated to the restoration of wooden furniture and structures of varying types, functions and eras: both the methods and the materials used utilise both artisan traditions and modern technologies.

The areas are equipped with a joinery workshop and a space dedicated to the treatment of works subject to biological attacks requiring biocidal treatments or anoxic disinfestation.


Some kinds of assets subject to intervention:

  • •   cabinetry and decorative metal elements:
  • •   veneered, lacquer, gilded, painted and inlaid objects
  • •   furniture unholstered in leather or embossed leather and/or decorated
  • •   antique furniture fillings
  • •   demo-ethno-anthropological equipment
  • •   clocks, watches and scientific instruments
  • •   modern antique and design furniture

 Restoration interventions are performed in relation to the end location and use of the item (museum or domestic environments).

The restorations can include structural consolidations, the reconstruction of decorations, intaglios and marquetry, the cleansing of surfaces and protective polishing (shellac, wax, various kinds of paints).


The interventions can be performed on construction sites (choir stalls, wooden beams, antique flooring), in laboratories and workshops and in situ (historic houses and private residences).


There is an active collaboration with the NPO Aras Brera for the restoration of the mechanical parts of clocks and scientific instruments.



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