Ambiti di intervento

  • Scientific analysis
  • Preventive conservation
  • Ordinary maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Conservative and integrative restoration
  • Verification of the state of conservation, drafting of condition reports, consultancy for change of ownership
  • Exhibition and / or storage consultancy
  • Exhibition set-up
  • Artworks and installations set-up 
  • Technical assistance to artists
  • Disaster recovery assistance
  • Education



The workshop undertakes the cleaning, maintenance and restoration not only of precious carpets but also of those in common use, as well as providing a storage service for them within a climatized area of 800 square meters.

These areas are equipped with a white room and a chemical laboratory perfectly disposed for the preparation and dying of the intervention materials (wool, threads and support materials).


In the case of commonly used carpets, after careful analysis, some tests are performed to identify the most suitable cleaning methods (aspiration, brushing and washing in water) and, subsequently, a personalized intervention plan is drawn up.


Workshop activities include:

  • •   Micro-aspiration and/or washing in water
  • •   Safety strengthening / reconstruction
  • •   Rebinding borders
  • •   Removal of stains
  • •   Insertion of warp and weave to fill gaps and spaces
  • •   Insertion of new knots for the revival of the pile in worn areas

In the case of museum and collection carpets, an in-depth study of the materials and the production methods is carried out, together with an analysis of the context in which they will be conserved.

The intervention choices are shared with the private collectors or with the owning organizations and the supervisory bodies for the safeguarding of heritage assets.

Washing is carried out by hand sponging in metal tanks, after carrying out both tests on the stability of each, individual color and consolidating any deteriorated areas.


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